How to upgrade Sitecore Managed Cloud Containers solutions to AKS 1.22


The end of life of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 1.21 is July 2022. Sitecore Managed Cloud Containers solutions, based on AKS 1.21, need to be updated to a newer version that uses AKS 1.22. For more details on AKS end of life and the consequences of deprecation refer to here.

Update your solution only if the version you have is less than the ones listed below in Stage 2 of the Solutions section. To find out the version of your solution, view the solution.json file in the infrastructure repository of your Managed Cloud Containers Azure DevOps project.

This article contains upgrade instructions for the Sitecore Managed Cloud Containers solution to the version that uses AKS 1.22.

Breaking changes

Upgrading the AKS version from 1.21 to 1.22 introduces some breaking changes in Kubernetes API. These breaking changes do not lead to downtime but require additional changes to Sitecore Managed Cloud Containers environments, and should be applied to the 2-stages process defined below.

Upgrade instructions

There are two stages in upgrading the Sitecore Managed Cloud Containers solution: