Access logs and diagnostics data in Sitecore XP on Azure Web Apps


Sitecore XP fully supports Azure PaaS from the 8.2 Update-1 release. This includes support of Azure Web Apps for hosting Sitecore applications.

You access Sitecore XP logs and diagnostics information on Azure Web Apps differently from how you do in an on-premise solution. This article explains how to collect basic Sitecore diagnostics information, such as logs and configuration data, for a Sitecore XP solution deployed to Azure Web Apps.

Accessing Sitecore Logs

There are several options to collect Sitecore XP logs from Azure Application Insights (AI):

Accessing Sitecore Configs And Other Files Via FTP

To access the deployed application files and configuration data, Azure Web Apps provides full FTP access. For browsing the needed data:

  1. Extract FTP credentials for the needed Sitecore XP instance:
    • Go to the Azure Portal (
    • Select a particular Web app.
    • Download a file with credentials by clicking the Get publish profile button at the top of the Overview tab.
    • Extract FTP credentials:
      • publishUrl="ftp://host-name-here/site/wwwroot"
      • userName="user-name-here"
      • userPWD="password-here"
  2. Using any FTP client (for example, FileZilla), connect to the FTP endpoint using the extracted credentials.

After connecting to the FTP, you can browse the following: