How to escalate a support case

Support Prioritization

Sitecore encourages customers and partners to always provide sufficient information in support cases to help determine the correct impact and urgency of the problem and to follow best practices for interacting with the Sitecore Support team.

For customers who have upgraded to 24x7 Premium support, all critical and high-priority cases are monitored 24x7x365 by the Sitecore Support Escalation Team. Any updates from customers are always reviewed and followed up within 1 hour for critical and within 2 hours for high priority cases.

Escalation Via Support Case

Sitecore uses such information as affected environment, business impact level, and problem description to prioritize support cases.
Ensure these fields contain the correct information about the severity of the issue. For important project milestones, please provide information about the expected deadlines whenever possible.

If the severity of the support case has changed over time and escalated attention is required, customers are advised to share appropriate information in the support case as soon as possible.

Escalation Via Account Representative

If Sitecore Support is not able to solve one or more support cases within a reasonable time period, incorrectly prioritizes the situation, or fails to meet the expected service levels, it is possible to escalate such cases to a Sitecore Account Representative via email.

The email message must include IDs for the escalated cases as well as the description of the circumstances.

Escalation Via Support Hotline

If the Sitecore Account Representative is unavailable, for customers who have upgraded to a 24x7 Premium support plan critical support tickets can be escalated by phone via the Sitecore Support Hotline.

Details about your Support Plan and Sitecore Support Hotline escalation process are available in your Sitecore contract, or you can request them from the regional Sitecore office.

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