Sitecore Log Analyzer (SCLA)


Sitecore Log Analyzer (SCLA) is a tool for parsing Sitecore log files. It is designed for Sitecore administrators and developers who troubleshoot or monitor the health of Sitecore applications. The interface allows a user to explore and navigate through large amounts of log data. For instance, it is possible to group and analyze all errors, warnings, debug, and audit messages logged by a Sitecore XP application, monitor performance counters, and get a visual overview of website uptime and downtime intervals. SCLA is also available as embedded into Sitecore Instance Manager (SIM).

Note: Sitecore Log Analyzer is a community tool that is not supported in the scope of the Sitecore Support Program. If you have any issues with the tool or any suggestions, contact us via


The latest version of Sitecore Log Analyzer can be found at:

Release Notes

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