How to provide files to Sitecore Support


There are several ways to provide files to Sitecore Support:

Important notes

  • Sitecore Support storage recently migrated from Box to Microsoft SharePoint. All files uploaded to the Box storage remain accessible to Sitecore Support and they will be deleted after 90 days.
  • Files uploaded via Microsoft SharePoint are accessible only to Sitecore Support engineers. –°ustomer colleagues are not able to see or download the uploaded files.
  • All uploaded files are automatically removed from the storage 90 days after the upload date.


Attach To A Case

There are two ways to add attachments to a case via the standard Support Portal interface:

To add attachments select the required file(s) in the standard Open dialog.

Alternatively, you can use the drag-and-drop feature right on the Create Case or Edit Case form.

Important: One year after the support case has been closed, associated attachments are automatically cleaned up. This excludes assembly files and code samples provided by Sitecore Support representatives.

Upload To The File Storage

To upload files to Sitecore Support SharePoint Storage:

1. Log in to the Sitecore Support Portal.

2. Click the Upload Files icon:

Click the Open Secure Storage button to be redirected to Sitecore Support SharePoint Storage.

4. After the page has loaded, click the Upload button.

5. Choose Files for file upload or Folder for folder upload.

6. Choose files or the folder you want to upload in the Open or Select Folder to Upload dialog, correspondingly. To start the upload process click the Open button.

After the successful completion of all uploads, the newly uploaded file or the folder will be added to the customer's folder.


Alternative approach

In certain cases, it might not be possible to upload files to Sitecore Support File Storage due to issues caused by an environment network configuration or other reasons. At the same time the files might be too big to attach to a case.

In that case, consider sharing files using your FTP server or any third-party file exchange service you trust.