How to provide files to Sitecore Support


There are several ways to provide files to Sitecore Support:

Attach To A Case

There are two ways to add attachments to a case via the standard Support Portal interface:

To add attachments select the required file(s) in the standard Open dialog.

Alternatively, you can use the drag-and-drop feature right on the Create Case or Edit Case form.

Important: One year after the support case has been closed, associated attachments are automatically cleaned up. This excludes assembly files and code samples provided by Sitecore Support representatives.

Upload To The File Storage

To upload files to Sitecore Support Box Storage:

1. Log in to the Sitecore Support Portal.

2. Click the Upload Files icon:

3. After the page loads, click the Click here to upload files panel. This action initiates an upload process and a new dialog is rendered in the same panel.

 Click here to upload files

4. Drag and drop files that you want to upload to the active area of the new dialog box.

Another option is to click the browse your device link to choose the files for upload, select the required files, and then click Open.

Note: You cannot upload more than 3 files at once. Do not forget to follow best practices: split large files into several parts (not bigger than 4 GB); if you need to upload numerous small files, archive them together into one file to simplify the upload process.

Drag and drop files 

5. The selected files are added to the upload form with the progress bar.

Optionally, you can fill the Ticket reference field with the ID of a support case (ticket) that is related to the current files. Another way to create a reference to a support case is to leave this field empty and specify the case ID in the file name of the uploaded file after the '#' character. For example: #555555 mylogs.txt.

Finally, to start the upload process click Upload.


Important: Do not close the page until all uploads have been completed. After reaching 100% of upload progress, the system needs some more time to verify the checksum and to add the file metadata, therefore successful completion of the upload process is indicated by a green check mark character.

Upload Progress

After successful completion of all uploads the Upload dialog is automatically closed and the Files panel is reloaded to reflect the latest changes.

Features of the Files panel

Sort files

You can sort files by Name and Date parameters. To select the type of sorting, click the square icon with arrows that is located in the top-right corner of the Files panel.


Sitecore Support Box Storage security:

1. Files uploaded via this dialog are accessible only to Sitecore Support engineers and are automatically cleaned up 90 days after the upload date.

2. Your colleagues are able to see the full list of files but cannot download them.

Alternative approaches

In certain cases it might not be possible to upload files to Sitecore Support File Storage due to issues caused by an environment network configuration or other reasons. At the same time the files might be too big for attaching to a case.

In that case consider the following options:

1. Upload files to an alternative Box folder:

2. Share files using your FTP server or any third-party file exchange service you trust.