How to use public reference numbers


Sitecore uses public reference numbers to refer to specific bugs, enhancements, and feature requests in Sitecore products. The reference numbers are designed to let Sitecore customers reference individual product issues when contacting Sitecore Support and discover other related information, such as the status of the reported issues, the availability of public fixes, or known issues.

Public reference numbers generally appear in the following locations:

If a reference number has been provided by Sitecore Support after identifying a product bug or registering an enhancement or a feature request and the original incident has been closed, it is possible to track the status of the related issues by checking My Product Issues page or contacting Sitecore Support using the reference number in the question.

Usage Example

These are the examples of using specific reference numbers:

Note: The My Product Issues page displays only the reference numbers of particular bugs, enhancements, or features that are registered by the current Support Portal user and colleagues from the same company.