Troubleshooting Sitecore IP Geolocation service


The IP Geolocation service provides information about the physical location of website visitors when you use Sitecore DMS or xDB.

In a situation when you suspect that the collected information is either incorrect or not up-to-date, use one of the following solutions.

There might be the following related symptoms:

Solution 1

Ensure that the module has been properly installed and configured:

Solution 2

Check that the firewall rules are configured correctly. For the Geo IP service, HTTPS protocol is used for the following URLs:

If it is not possible to configure rules based on the URL, you must provide access to the following list of IPs:
Azure Datacenter IP Address Ranges.
Note: Sitecore cannot provide a more specific range of addresses. The mentioned URLs have dynamic IP addresses and Sitecore has no control over when and how they change. Therefore, the whole range of IP addresses must be whitelisted, if it is not possible to whitelist hostnames.

Solution 3

Send a direct request to the service using your environment and license to check service availability:

If the information about the IP address is displayed on the page, the service is accessible.

Important: Do not use the code of this page to get information about IP addresses. This code always requests information directly from the service, which might lead to excessive charges for service usage.

Solution 4

When IP information is requested, the following steps are performed:

Therefore, always check whether the correct IP information is stored in the Analytics database: