How to collect memory dumps using Task Manager


Process memory dumps are very efficient sources of information that are used for troubleshooting web sites, which is the reason they are frequently requested by Sitecore Support.

There are various tools that allow collecting the memory dumps of a specific process, based on a user request (on-demand), as well as on a specific event (conditional).

The current article describes the the easiest way to manually gather a full memory dump using the Windows Task Manager application.

For other methods of gathering memory dumps, refer to the following article:

Gathering Memory Dump Files

To gather a memory dump using Windows Task Manager, perform the following steps:

Gathering Memory Dump Files OF 32-Bit Processes

The default 64-bit version of Windows Task Manager version does not gather memory dump files for 32-bit processes that allow full debugging possibilities. Instead, the 32-bit version should be used. It is located here:


Visually, it does not differ from 64-bit version, so it is important to ensure that the correct version is used.