How to access Sitecore Managed Cloud resources in Azure portal


Once access to a Managed Cloud set is granted, an email message from with the following subject is sent:

You're invited to the Sitecore organization

If you do not receive an email message, check the junk email folder or contact your local system administrator. Here is an example of email message body text:

To activate your account

  1. Click Get Started in the email body. This forwards you to the landing page, which is the profile page of the invited account. The following message displays:
    There are no applications available. Please contact your admin for more information

  2. Navigate to During the authentication, use the email address that you have specified in the Provision request on the Sitecore Support portal and the password to this email box. On the top right, make sure that your location is the Sitecore Directory:

  3. Switch the current directory to SITECORE when having another location.
  4. On the left side, in the Resource groups section, find your Resource group name:

    In the Resource group, you can find all the Sitecore Cloud resources, such as WebApps, databases, and so on.

How to access to Azure Portal the second time

When you sign in, choose the type of account as the personal one, as shown in the figure below:

If the Sitecore directory is missing in your personal account, switch to the Work account and check whether the Sitecore directory is present in the Work account: