How To Add client translations to Path Analyzer


Due to a known issue with the localization domains, some translations for the Path Analyzer are not getting imported after you go through the process described in the Sitecore Experience Platform 8 Client Translations Manual.


To address the issue, perform the following additional steps (corresponding to steps 6-7 from the above-mentioned manual):

  1. Download the appropriate client translation file for the Path Analyzer using the following links and unzip the file:
  2. Launch the Import languages wizard from Control Panel -> Localization:

  3. Click Browse, then select the temp folder and click Upload to upload the .xml translation file there.
  4. Select the newly uploaded .xml file in the temp folder, click Next and go through the import process with the default settings.

After the import has successfully completed, the Path Analyzer application UI is expected to be translated into the imported language.