How to restart nodes in Sitecore Managed Cloud containers


This article provides detailed information about how to restart nodes in a Sitecore XP solution in Managed Cloud containerized deployment.

Limitations And Risks

Important: Read the following recommendations before you start the reboot process:

Steps To Restart The Node

  1. Make sure that all data has been saved.
  2. Go to your Azure DevOps organization and project.
  3. Click Pipelines.
  4. Select the Restart Nodes pipeline among the other pipelines.
  5. Click Run Pipeline.
  6. Select the node you want to restart.
    Note that a pipeline has two options to restart Windows or/and Linux node types. Restarting each node type means restarting all node instances of the selected node type.
  7. Click Run.
  8. Click Job to see the progress and check logs.