Sitecore does not work in Chrome 37 and later


Sitecore versions prior to Sitecore CMS 7.1 might be not working properly in Chrome 37 and later due to the deprecated support for modal dialog boxes in these versions of Chrome.

Read more about disabling modal dialog boxes here:


Please use one of the following solutions:

Note: Enabling the modal dialog boxes support by modifying the EnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeatures group policy is no longer valid because of the recent changes in Chrome 39.

Additional Issues

Issues not addresses by the provided patches

Due to the nature of the breaking changes in Chrome 37, the above-mentioned patches may not address all the scenarios.
This section describes the solutions for the known issues that may appear after installing the patches.
In case of experiencing any additional related issues that are not mentioned here, please contact Sitecore Support.

Issues with the Send Email action in the Web Forms For Marketers module

After installing the above-mentioned patches, you may start experiencing issues when configuring the Send Email submit action used by the Web Forms For Marketers module for sending email massages on form submission.
The message body of the email to be sent may become non-editable.


  1. Copy the code from the RichTextJSFix.txt file and paste it to the end of the Website\sitecore\shell\Controls\Rich Text Editor\RichText.js file.
  2. Save the file.
  3. Clear the browser cache.