How to upgrade xDB Cloud

General Workflow

This article describes the overall planning and execution of the xDB Cloud set upgrade.

Because you must always connect to xDB Cloud sets using the matching Sitecore XP version, it is important to plan and implement an upgrade for both the local Sitecore XP environment and the xDB Cloud environment during a similar timeframe. When planning the upgrade, ensure that the specific upgrade path is supported by xDB Cloud service (see xDB Cloud Compatibility Table).

For instructions on how to upgrade local Sitecore XP instances, please refer to the Sitecore Downloads page.

To upgrade xDB Cloud sets, use the following process as a general guidance:

  1. The customer contacts Sitecore Support to request an upgrade. The upgrade date, timeframe, and exact workflow is negotiated within a support ticket.
  2. In the scheduled timeframe, Sitecore Support performs the upgrade of xDB Cloud resources to the target version. The estimated upgrade timeline can be found in the service catalog. During the time of the upgrade, xDB Cloud service might not work or will work inconsistently.
  3. After the upgrade is finished, Sitecore Support notifies the customer about completion and post-steps (if any).

Note: If you do not have a valid Sitecore certification, you must contact your Sitecore Implementation Partner to register the support ticket for you. If this is not possible, contact your Sitecore representative to access the Sitecore Support portal.

Recommendations For The Customer Environment

Please check the considerations below to prepare the production Content Delivery (CD) and Content Management (CM) environment for the xDB Cloud upgrade: