Telemetry Metrics FAQ


Sitecore Holding II A/S, a Danish limited liability company (CVR. No. 37624071) and our affiliate entities worldwide, ("Sitecore") can collect telemetry metrics ("Metric" or "Metrics") associated with certain Sitecore environments to help understand how our customers use the product and develop websites using product features. The Sitecore environments where metrics can be collected include the following products ("Sitecore Product" or "Sitecore Products"):

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does Sitecore collect?

Sitecore can collect Metrics that describe the Sitecore installation itself, such as the hosting hardware, available number of processors, amount of memory, as well as the versions of Sitecore Products installed. Sitecore can also collect Metrics that describe the Sitecore features in use and statistics associated with that usage, such as number of visits served and email messages sent. Further information on the specific Metrics collected, and in which Sitecore Products, is described in the following.

Does Sitecore collect any personally identifiable information or personal data?


Sitecore does not collect any Metric that could personally identify an individual. Regarding visits to websites, Sitecore will only collect and store anonymous, aggregated information.

What does Sitecore do with the information it collects?

Optimize your experience.

Sitecore uses the Metrics to improve our understanding of how customers use our products. Sitecore will use this improved understanding to help ensure that we invest in our product features that our customers use most frequently. In some cases in the future, Sitecore might use these Metrics to provide usage-based licensing options.

Please note that these Metrics will not currently be used for billing purposes or to enforce contractual provisions.

All data is processed in accordance with Sitecore's privacy policy here. If you have any queries or want to discuss this, please contact your Sitecore Account Manager or

How can my organization disable telemetry metrics?

Sitecore can provide a no-track license file if your organization is required to or elects to disable tracking.

Please contact your Sitecore Account Representative for more information.

Does Sitecore treat production environments differently than non-production environments?


Sitecore understands that all customers and partners install our products on many environments for the purpose of development, testing, and other purposes not directly related to their production usage of Sitecore Products. Use of Sitecore Products in non-production environments often does not reflect true usage scenarios (such as when performance testing a solution). For this reason, Sitecore Products tag all metrics with the type of environment (production or non-production) that generates them.

How do I indicate whether a given environment is a production or a non-production environment?

Sitecore products include a configuration parameter (SITECORE_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE) that accepts values: Production or Non-production. During deployment of the environment, Sitecore Products ask whether to configure the environment as a production or non-production environment and sets the configuration parameter accordingly. Administrators can change the parameter after installation when appropriate.

Sitecore's license agreement requires our customers to properly configure production environments using this configuration parameter.

Can I see the information that Sitecore collects from my Sitecore Product environment?

Sitecore Products do not currently allow customers to directly view or export the information collected specifically from their environment(s).

What are the metrics reported and collected?

For all deployments of Sitecore Products, the following Metrics will be collected:

Sitecore Products might collect additional Metrics, varying by product offering. For further detail on the Metrics collected, and a breakdown of the additional Metrics collected by each Sitecore Product, please see Telemetry Metrics for Sitecore 9.1 Update-1 and later.

My installation is behind a firewall. Do I need to open any ports for tracking to work?

Sitecore Products report Metrics using the standard HTTP and HTTPS ports (80 and 443), so as long as these ports are open you do not need to open additional ports.

What happens if the Sitecore Product deployment cannot connect to the Sitecore telemetry service?

For short periods without connectivity, the relevant Sitecore Product will save Metrics in a temporary file and resend when it can connect to the Metric services again. For longer outages, the Sitecore Product will stop sending and then attempt to reconnect periodically.