What's new in xDB Cloud 2.0


On 21-Jul-2016, Sitecore released the next generation of xDB Cloud service, known as xDB Cloud 2.0. The new version comes with open tenancy improvements for increased stability, privacy, and control over the technical xDB resources hosted in Cloud. Release Notes are available here.

Change in xDB Cloud service

After 21-Jul-2016, new Sitecore xDB Cloud sets are created via xDB Cloud 2.0 only.
This has the following implication on Sitecore solutions that will be connected to new xDB sets:

Existing xDB Cloud installations

All xDB Cloud sets created before 21-Jul-2016 will continue running on xDB Cloud 1.0 without changes. For configuring Sitecore XP with existing xDB Cloud sets, the previous version of the documentation should be used: Configure a Sitecore xDB Cloud connection.

Existing xDB Cloud 1.0 sets can be migrated to xDB Cloud 2.0 on-demand using the following process: KB0274380.

Technical Differences

xDB Cloud 1.0 xDB Cloud 2.0
Create xDB Cloud set Automatic
(when new DeploymentID is specified in config)
Request to Sitecore Support.
Connection strings Hidden Provided to customer
Available in ConnectionStrings.config
Stability Dependencies xDB Cloud Discovery Server,
xDB Cloud set resources (Mongo, Reporting SQL, Processing)
xDB Cloud set resources (Mongo, Reporting SQL, Processing)

Please also check the following article for xDB Cloud compatibility differences: KB0966080