Session timeout when saving Rich Text fields


The following message may occur when saving changes made in Rich Text fields after editing them for short periods of time, such as 3-5 minutes.
The operation could not be completed. Your session may have been lost due to a timeout or a server failure. Please try again.
This may happen when Sitecore Analytics is enabled and if the user does not visit any web site pages before logging in to the Sitecore Client. In this case, the current session may be mistakenly identified as a robot visit.
This will cause the Sitecore Client user session to expire sooner than expected and lead to the aforementioned error message, since Sitecore Analytics reduces session timeout for robot visits with the purpose of decreasing memory usage on the server.
More information about automatic robot detection in Sitecore Analytics can be found in the Engagement Analytics Configuration Reference Guide.


To apply the workaround, please complete the following steps:

This solution ensures that the Sitecore Client users do not get mistakenly categorized as robots.