Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard – Onboarding


This article describes all the steps required to start a Managed Cloud journey from contract signature to administering a working Sitecore XP environment in the cloud.

The key milestones include:

  1. Signing the contract.
  2. Digital contract activation.
  3. Provisioning the environment.
  4. Accessing the environment.

The following sections describe specific details of each of these steps.

Signing The Contract

The journey begins with an agreement and Managed Cloud contract specific to customer's needs. To start this process, contact your regional Sitecore office.


A typical Managed Cloud contract requires the following information:

Digital Contract Activation

After the Managed Cloud Contract has been signed on paper, it undergoes the digital activation process on the Sitecore side. During the process, the Sitecore operations team register the order in the respective databases to guarantee consistency. Typically, this process takes a couple of business days.

At the end of the activation process, the following happens:


Provisioning The Environment

After receiving the welcome letter, the Customer Technical Contact must provide important technical details to Sitecore, so Sitecore can proceed with the cloud resources provisioning.

This data can be provided directly within the appropriate item of Sitecore Managed Cloud service catalog called "Create New Set". Once submitted, Sitecore Operations team will execute the provisioning as soon as possible.

Additional documentation on the required input data can be found at

Accessing The Environment

After Sitecore Managed Cloud environment has been provisioned, all the technical details about it are provided to the customer within the respective service catalog item.

This includes but is not limited to:

Having all this data allows the customer's technical team or Implementation Partner to begin working on the actual Sitecore XP solution implementation.

For more information and references about ongoing tasks and the overall design of the Sitecore XP solution in Managed Cloud, refer to the following documentation section: Managed Cloud.