Four51 Storefront Architecture Overview

Architecture Overview

Four51's architecture is a private cloud model that leverages a combination of robust hardware, virtualization technology and multiple data centers to deliver maximum application performance and reliability. (Complete up-time statistics are available here.)

Four51 has been Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant since 2008 and undergoes quarterly network security scans by our Approved Scan Vendor (ASV) Qualys to ensure our application is secure. Four51’s data center facilities are SSAE 16 Type II compliant and Four51 has consistently maintained an average 99.995% up-time over the last 10 years. In fact, over the last year Four51’s customers realized 99.9995% application up-time. That’s less than 3 minutes of unplanned downtime for a 12 month period.

Four51 contracts with OneNeck for Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. Learn more about OneNeck's Relia-Cloud service here.

Four51 infrastructure has no single point of failure and utilizes some of the most cutting edge technology in the SaaS market, including:

Each component plays a critical role in ensuring that the Four51 application performs well and that client data is secure and accessible. Together with our key technology partners, Four51’s infrastructure has been delivering reliable SaaS technology to more than half the Fortune 500.

To learn more about the Four51's infrastructure, review the architecture overview in Reference Materials below. Click here to learn about a very security-conscious customer's positive experiences with Four51. 

Reference Material:
Four51 Storefront Architecture Guide

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